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30.05.2009 21:45

Credit list is updated in the album

Well photoshop is finally working so I was able to go and throw in the credit list for the LO's in the photo section.

Am really looking forward to the June Blog train that will be debuting at midnight tomorrow. Keep an eye out for the blog entry where you will be able to follow the train of links to aquire a full mega kit.

24.05.2009 11:05

Photoshop problems

I am having some minor problems with my CS2 and am therefore unable to write the credits for the products I used for my scrap pages. I will do so the first chance I get. Just to clarify there is only one page that is done with products that are all made by Design by Sonja.

24.05.2009 10:26

Sunday fun and freebie previews

I have finally been able to get my site up and running the way I am happy with it, with the exception of not being able to upload the preview pictures to my freebie page. Therefore, I am posting my previews here for you all to see.

Furthermore, I have finished my part of the #1 Dad June Blog Train and am just waiting to be able to post it here on the blog.

Boyz 'n Girlz is my latest mini kit, it was the final part of a design challenge I was taking part in via Brownie Scraps

Download here: elements and papers

Surprice Birthday Party was a collaboration kit with Nadine's Art Scraps via the Brownie Scraps design challenge

Our combined preview

My preview

Download here: Paper 1, 2, 3, and elements 1 & 2

The GirlySide - for this challenge we were to design a mini kit around the theme of family.

Download here: Papers and elements

Blue Princess was the second kit I designed

Download here: Paper 1 & 2 and elements

22.05.2009 00:51

# 1 Dad - June Blog Train

I am working on my part of a Blog Train kit called #1 Dad. Ones I get that done I will be uploading my part here on my website as well as the links to the other websites where you can download the other parts of the kit.

Furthermore, I wasn't able to get my site up to date as I ended up heading to the movies to see Angles & Demons and actually thought it might be pretty cool to make a symbolism kit. But that would be for another day as I have two kits in my mind I'd like to finish first.... well second after my Blog Train participation.

20.05.2009 17:50

Site underconstruction

The site is still underconstruction since I havn't had the time to do some site cleaning. Hope to get it up and running well tonight or tomorrow.
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Who am I? 
My name is Hildur and I am a 31 year old mother of two, a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. I've been married to my best friend for 10 years. I work in special ed, where I mainly work with children on the autism spectrum. I love scrapping and use it as a way to get some me time. I am currently on 4 CT teams as well as a SMG at ScrapMatters. Here you'll find my LO's, as well as what is happening with my designers and ScrapMatters community. Once in a while I'll post a freebie or some challenge I am taking part in or hosting.